I'm (Once Again) Going to Be Attempting to Design an Entire MTG Set in 24 Hours. Come watch me.

Back in December of 2020, I did my first Set Sprint, a 24 hour challenge where I attempt to create a full first draft of a Magic: the Gathering set in 24 hours. Since then, I have done two more, keeping on a roughly 6-month rotation. That being said, the time has come to do it again! I will be going live on my twitch from 10:00am EST Thursday 5/12 to 10:00am EST Friday 5/13.

Now then, let me lay our the rules again:
1. The end product should be an entire draftable MTG set with everything a "first complete draft" would have except the art (and lore articles), including worldbuilding, card effects, set mechanics, card rarities, names, flavor text, etc.
2. The challenge should be timed with a 24 hour countdown timer. There's no obligation to be working continuously during that time, but the timer must run continuously and once the countdown is over, the challenge is over.
3. Nothing should be planned a head of time in any written/digital/already-created form
4. The most a participant should come into the challenge with in regards to the set is some broad idea of what the set will be about
5. No reprint-heavy sets (e.g. masters sets, most core sets), although, of course, reprints in general are allowed
6. Any sort of set design process is allowed so long as it doesn't violate any of the above rules and so long as it produces the desired end product.
7. If a challenger wants to add art and/or written lore articles, they are more than welcome to. There two aspects were excluded from the challenge as they can take time away from mechanical design for things that don't directly impact a set's overall mechanics.
8. This is all in good fun and these rules are more or less loose. There's nobody truly enforcing them. The idea is just to have fun and test your card design skills. My sprints will be trying to stick to them as closely as possible, I just don't want other people attempting a Set Sprint to feel pressured by rules they dislike.

Of course, as I mentioned last time, this is cramming a process that takes multiple months (for just the first draft) and years (for the finished product) officially into 24 hours, so the set will likely be subpar. However, the goal is to make the best set possible in the given time and just do something that presents a fun and unique challenge.

As I said, the stream will run 110:00am EST Thursday 5/12 to 10:00am EST Friday 5/13. Just like last time, I'd love to see you all hop in and watch me suffer see me attempt this. I'll be taking suggestions for what kind of set to design toward the beginning of the stream, and I'm happy to chat with you all and answer questions (about the set sprint or myself or whatever) at any time I'm working. Frankly I could probably use the company.

You can check out my Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/sorcerersoftheshore

You can view my past three set sprint sets at

Winter 2020 - Birth of Naktamun - Finished in 24 hours and 30 minutes - https://www.planesculptors.net/set/set-sprint-1-birth-of-naktamun/version-10
Summer 2021 - Lausara Under Siege - Finished in 29 Hours - https://www.planesculptors.net/set/set-sprit-2-lausara-under-siege
Winter 2021 - Rails of Scarkin - Finished in 26 Hours - https://www.planesculptors.net/set/set-sprint-3-rails-of-scarkin

I hope to see you stop by. Obviously, since it's a 24 hour stream, I'm not expecting to see anyone stick around for the whole thing, and ultimately I'm doing this for my own personal enjoyment and as a test of our skills. Regardless, if you're at all interested, please do stop by and give it a glance!


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    I'll also being doing a Sprint, only mine will be divided into two 12 hour streams, and I'll be breaking rule 5 somewhat with my concoction. However, when I tell you what I'm doing you'll find it's more than justified...

    On Friday the 13th/Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th I'll be streaming the creation of Buncha CS, an uncube made entirely from poorly made (and preferably poorly balanced) custom cards, primarily from MTGCS. The streams will go from 10 AM Eastern Time to 10 PM Eastern Time.

    I'll be doing the stream on my twitch [Taylor3621]

  • I'd like to venture a suggestion for the lore, a world with more sort of African elements, preferably with one of the factions being colonialism people. (W/B maybe, like in Ixalan). Maybe you com throw in a non-green (white and red maybe, it would mean you'd be working with enemy colour factions though) lands matter faction? 
  • If he does an African style plane, he could include some indigenous tribes of Africa or he could do what I'm doing right now with Osage, a set based on native americans.
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    My biggest hesitation with doing a set based on African culture and mythology, especially during a set sprint, is that I just don’t have the cultural knowledge and education to the point where I feel I could do it respectfully. I mean, I obviously wouldn’t be trying to do it disrespectfully, but I feel like there are other designers out there that would be able to execute it better.
  • True and understandable
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    I am now live at https://www.twitch.tv/sorcerersoftheshore!
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    Pretty well. I'll be starting my sprint in 30 minutes

  • You guys don't know how much restraint it's taking to not work on finishing Buncha CS (my Why MTG Cardsmith set) early. I'm super excited to work with everyone on Friday to fill out the gaps of the set.

    The stream starts at Noon Eastern Time, and audience participation in finding/making cards is encouraged. I hope to see you there!
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