Adding quotation marks to card text?

The site really doesn’t seem to like quotation marks. Is there a way to add them and make them display correctly on the card?


  • Don't copy pre-typed quotation marks or apostrophes from Word or another program (Windows Notepad is fine) and paste it into the card editor. Delete those and re-type them in the card editor itself.
  • @Jadefire unfortunately I’m on an iPad, and typing quotation marks from it doesn’t seem to work properly. I’ll experiment a bit and see if I can solve it.
  • For mobile/tablets, the best way I can think of is copy/pasting the quotation marks from another cardsmith's card text. If you use Google Sheets, it sometimes works to write out your card text there, then paste it into the card creator.
  • @cadstar369 thanks, I’ll try that!
  • On iOS, click and hold on the quotations, then it has several versions. Grab the ones that look like two straight little lines.
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