Battles to Come - [Glint-Eye]

To those who wish to take form with this challenge. I am making a commander cube for my friends with custom cards and thought, perhaps others would like to create some of these cards. With that being said...

This current challenge is to create a Legendary Creature that has the cost of {u}{b}{r}{g} that fit the theme of the cube. The Theme is: [Exile]

-One entry.
-Try to keep the card Balanced.
-Old Cards are Allowed.
-Keep to the Theme. [Exile]
-Keep to the Casting Cost. [{u}{b}{r}[g}]
-Do not use Artwork and/or Flavor text that already exists on a Mtg Card.

End Date for Entries will be on February 17th at 5am Est.

There will be one winner. I will not be deciding the winner unless a tie is made. To all those who entered this challenge shall judge anonymously by messaging me after the time is up. Once all votes are in, I will announce the winner. *(And no, you will not be able to vote for yourself).
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