Where Have I Been?

edited February 18 in Off-topic Chat
Hello, some of you may remember me from like 5 years ago or even earlier than that. It's me CheapQuester! I used to run some just-for-fun contests on here. I disappeared some people sent messages or talked a bit about it. Kind of had a lot of homework during high school and. . . video games. xD

Then some other stuff happened. Drama drama, life. Now being older and working. I have less free time per se and when I have some I use it for other stuff. With that said I do come on here from time to time still but silently. Make a new card here and there or I favorite something. I did not die. I hope to do some just-for-fun contests sometime during the summer maybe.

But until that happens. . .

I hope everyone is doing well and is having a great day!


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