When is a Peasant not a Peasant?

Peasants are a great new tribe. I can't tell you how excited I am to make Peasants and develop them. 

But they only appear in Naya. No Dimir peasants!

I have decided that for my own cardsmithing purposes, the black analogue to the Peasant is a Minion. But I can't decide what a blue Peasant should be!

I've thought about Advisor and/or Rigger. These would represent skills a city dwelling commoner might possess. But neither feels right. I wish there was a "Citizen" creature type to indicate a commoner lives in the city. 

What do you think the blue Peasant should be called?


  • I think there is a Citizen creature type. Also, you don't have to not give things types because no cards of that type in that colour have been printed. Rigger is a silver bordered type, and has a strong mechanical theme. I would just go for a card with only the race type and no class type.
  • @KorandAngels I am working on a set with a moderate but not overwhelming Tribal theme. I want as many creatures as possible to have Creature Type (X) (Y) so it matters. 

    I don't see that Citizen has been printed on any card. 
  • Citizen was a creature type made on only one token for one card
    called planewide celebration. there just 2/2's that are all colours
  • That sounds right. 

    But it doesn't sound like an appropriately-supported creature type does it?
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    Citizen has appeared on five cards in total. Three are from long ago and suggested that it was a white creature type, while the other two are more recent (Planewide Celebration and Mobilized District) with one of those being green and the other colorless.

    In relation to the other two you mentioned, I agree that Advisor doesn't fit and Rigger definitely doesn't fit.
  • Citizen. I think that's how I'm going to go for now. 

    Peasants in three colors, then Minions and Citizens. 

    ...for now. 

    I'm not happy with the 3-1-1 imbalance but it seems most appropriate flavor-wise. 
  • I also like how you're bringing Minion back.
  • I think a red peasant could be a rigger.
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