Remake contest!

For this contest, you should go back to your early cards, find one that is not that great, but had a good premise, and remake, only better. I did this below, with a legendary creature that I like, but not many other did. This card was originally released awhile ago, under the same name, but got no favorites and had many mistakes, then deleted it. The prizes are as followed. The Contest will end on March 37th and the prizes will follow.

This is my first contest, for those who know me as IonStorm66n.

First Place - A Follow and Three Favorites of your choice

Second Place - A Follow and one Favorite of your choice

Third Place - One favorite of your choice

May I wish the best of luck to all the People who enter.


  • @IonStorm66n ;
    That susa card is not hybrid at all. Hybrid cards have to have abilities that both colors of the hybrid mana can do. Since this card can be cast as a mono white card, it has to be able to do mono-white only things. 3/4 of your activated abilities do things mono-white can't do.

    The G/W activated ability is fine.

    The R/W activated ability can't grant haste. First strike is cool though! 

    The B/W activated ability can't grant deathtouch. Lifelink is good though! 

    The U/W activated ability can't grant hexproof. Flying works!

    The card is a cool concept, a "4 Color Mono-White Card" is probably the most unique design I've seen in a while. Save for some cost balancing, this feels more like a real card than most on this site. You just have to remove the abilities that can't be done in mono-white. 
  • I was hoping this was a different kind of contest. 

    I delete all my subpar cards. Out of the first 200 or so I made there’s only about 10 left. 

    I do however keep image files of each of them in one folder and keep the original art in a separate folder so I could recreate them. 

  • This is my new and updated one.

    The link is to my old one, which had horribly clunky wording, and the text 
    ran off the side of the card. I now realize how incredibly awful my old cards were.

  • Well that's disappointing, sorry to hear that your contest didn't work out.
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