Not In This Colour

This is my fourth contest, I think. And now, the contest is to create a coloured card with a mechanic that doesn't usually appear in that colour. For example:

Embalm in black

Retrace in blue or white

Unearth in green or white

Amass in green or white

Exalted in black or red

Dash in green or blue

Entries are not limited to those particular mechanics. Your entry can feature any mechanic.


Old cards are allowed.

No joke-unglued cards.

No colourless cards (because that defeats the purpose of the contest.)

You may enter up to five cards.


1st place: 4 favourites of your choice and a follow

2nd place: 3 favourites of your choice and a follow

3rd place: 2 favourites of your choice

In addition, there will be another prize... for the person with the mechanic which seems most out of place in its new colour. Yes, there's a prize for a colour bend. The winner of this category will get 2 favourites of their choice and a follow.

If you win and I'm already following you, then you get an extra 2 favourites of your choice. I am following 86 people, so it might be necessary.

Contest ends around the end of April, the 25th, perhaps. Happy cardsmithing, and may the best unnaturally coloured card win!


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