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  • @Faiths_Guide
    It's a total beast! I wish it were smaller so that I could carry it though lol
  • @Tomigon
    Yeah, the bigger the screen the better for polished art pieces, but my 12.9” iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are pretty much always with me.
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    @Reizon requested a hazmat re-make, so here they are. I can take requests directly for creating or converting.


    C -
    U -
    R -
    M -
    T -
  • (Repost from the other one)
    Symbols for Khans!

    Link here:
  • Holy crap! This is glorious!
  • @LyndonF, do you think you could make the guild symbols?
  • @lyndonf how beautiful. Good job.
  • @Ranshi I haven't made them yet, but meanwhile these are the actual symbols used in the guild kits:
    (no hyperlink, just right click then choose "open image in new tab" will do)
  • My lord those are beautiful!!!
  • Oh wait... how did you get them?
  • They were on the gatherer website (e.g. if you search for old Trostani on gatherer, you can see the sets where it was printed. One of them is the Guild Kits and you can get the image from it.)
  • Out of curiosity, do we have a trophy set symbol? Something we can put on cards that are made for winners of contests?
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    Went ahead and did those symbols for ya. Instead of doing the current guild symbols for my next project I might do the older guild symbols for some fun.

  • What are the purple symbols for?
  • Has Antiquities been done?

    What about a hypothetical sequel to Antiquities?
  • @Scott_Anderson lol I always do purple because wotc printed "timeshifted" cards so it's more for anyone who'd want them in that color scheme; even if the card they're making isn't timeshifted.
  • Can I have a skeleton dragon head? (Kind of complicated lol)
  • @Alextorrez6
    This is the place @Ranshi was talking about.
  • Just a question, but would futuristic ravinca guild symbols(I'm doing my futuravinca set) perhaps maybe just a futuristic crown like the latest ravinca set did be possible?
  • Hmm @LordTachanka123 I could try, but I'm going to have to start simple, so I'm going to try your second idea first, which is just doing a futuristic Ravnica-ish crown, if that's ok?

    If it works well, I may consider trying to do all the guilds... but it would probably take me a long time.

    Anyway, I'll give it a shot.
  • Oh, no, just do whatever you feel like @Alextorrez6!

  • Hey @Alextorrez6, how do you make your symbols????
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    @LordTachanka123 Thanks for asking! I design board and card games as a hobby, so a few years ago I learned how to use Adobe apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The way I make the set symbols is I start with a basic template. Usually I go to Google Images, tweak the settings to output only public domain images (or ones labeled for non-commercial modification, and in the case of WoTC trademarks like the Ikoria symbol, I don’t bother since this site already uses Wizards Trademarks under certain terms), then I download it, open Illustrator, use the image trace function, choose “black and white logo” for the image tracing, then I make it into a live paint group, and I use the appropriate color gradients and adjust it for each of the rarities. Then I save them as separate files, and export each rarity symbol as a .PNG, and then I upload it here or using Image BB (which is basically Imgur without having to register an account).

    Sorry if that was way more detailed then you were looking for, but there you have it.

    The hardest part really is getting the gradient right. It takes some manual adjusting to get right, even though I use the eye dropper tool to copy the color shades from an existing rarity symbol. The weirder the size and shape of the symbol is, the harder the gradient is to make.
  • Woah.
    That was awesome @Alextorrez6.
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    Can someone make a symbol that's a burning heart? 

  • @Ranshi Yes. That will be super easy, just give me like half an hour.
  • @Ranshi Here you go!

  • Thanks!
  • Oh, that fire on the corner should probably be black for all of them, I tested it on a card...

    I have to go eat dinner and stuff though, so I might not be able to fix it till tomorrow.
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