COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



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    More specifically, Dromoka is anti-counterspells.

    @HeroKP I did the quiz. How was season 6 different?

    I made a bonus card! I have 4 left:

    The flavour text explains it all. There has to be a new Arashin. Besides, I can't not use that art when it fits my faction so well!
    (I am so in character that I changed my thumbnail to info about Dromoka. I will post here for people who didn't know about her can.)
  • Dromoka info: (Please refer to this page if you plan on going to war with me.)

    Here's all her articles, I believe:
    and the only story:
    And the fan wiki page:
    Ok, I'm going to stop now.
  • Can anyone join and do we have to use original art or can we just use mtg art?
  • @Nomp

    Anyone can submit their entry, and we are glad to accept any submission, but not all submissions will be chosen to participate in the actual contest.

    While a card with MTG art isn’t directly disqualified, it is penalised heavily, so your chances of getting in and staying in improve dramatically if you find fitting art for you cards online.

    Earlier in this thread, I posted a few links to help with finding art. Would you like me to repost them here?
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    I see them. Thank you though. Well now I guess I'll hunt down an aesthetic I like.
  • We’re going to wait a bit, then post the conclusions we made from the poll
  • I am almost finished with my entry.
  • This is miraculously unpopular :(
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    As so much less unpopular than normal that it would take a miracle for it to be like it is. Which I find to be a bad thing.
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    @KorandAngels it’s just slow, people are working on their factions and ideas give it some time
  • Back in the Edgerim and Krystel days, it'd be 30 comments a day.
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    Only once it got rolling, the start was just as slow. Besides, people are thinking more about quality now. Entries take more time.
  • Talniri Clan had always been distinct in its adherence to the Old Ways and ability to manipulate causation. Able to put off the cost of actions until later while also storing power to be applied immediately in a moments notice.
    After centuries of honing these techniques they have taken to expanding their influence under a new leader.

    The Leader

    Tonme The Rushing Wave

    Tonme is a capable warrior with some skill in controlling the battlefield using ruthless strategies honed over a lifetime. Of course, the greatest measure of a leader is those that follow them.

    The Soldiers

    Rageborn Fathomnaut

    The Fathomnauts make up a large portion of the military that have stepped up to colonize Nemain. Using a power that manipulates cause and effect known as the Fathom they fling powerful spells around with abandon.

    The Magic

    Endless Rebirth

    The Old Ways teach of decoupling death from existence. The Talniri long ago implemented this teaching by removing death from themselves. The result has led to an endless renewal some may think worse than death. They go from life to life with no pause between. A relentless existence for a relentless people.

    The Industrial Complex

    Fathom Crystal Cliff

    The Talniri Clan creates crystals of condensed Fathom and seed areas with them. These seeds naturally grow with only minimal maintenance. Other than helping the Fathomnauts channel their magic, they also allow the Talniri to turn future potential into a wickedly effective resource in the now. Sadly the drawbacks are that it burns up that potential leaving whole swaths of land useless for years if not decades.

    The Extras

    Arckus Master Fathomnaut

    The leader of the Fathomnaught Order, Arckus has become an integral part of the forward line of the Talniri. What they lack in battle prowess they make up in inspiring leadership and magical aptitude.

    Daring Spirit Shaper

    Outside of the Fathomnaut Order several talented shamans have enlisted to help terraform and spread their unique magics through the land.
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    I've happened to be having trouble finding art
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    @Nomp, I don't know who you are, or where you came from, but goshdarnit color me impressed. I see your a new 'Smith, but you've got potential. Aside from some simple syntax and formatting errors, you can go far in this.
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    My entry:

    "The Empire of the Rising Sun does not break or falter. We rise like the sun, however, we will never fall." - Empress Nevia the Great, ruler of the Empire of the Rising Sun

    The Empire of the Rising Sun has control over vast planes of existence. The Rising Sun's elite is almost entirely comprised of angels, however, their infantry and general citizens are almost all elves and humans. Rarer humanoids such merfolk and faeries can be found among the planes controlled by the Rising Sun. These "lesser" humanoids worship the empress like a god.
    The Empress, Nevia the Great, still hungers for more land. She herself cannot leave her citadel on her home plane, due to the fact that the minute she would leave, she would be desiccated by the weight of her age catching up with her. Only the spells imbued in her citadel allow her to continue living unnaturally. She has left the conquering of Nemain to her great-granddaughter, Jene, and Jene's sister, Vaxara.

    Jene, as the elder sister, leads the entirety of the forces the Rising Sun has given her to conquer Nemain. She has appointed deputies to lead the army, craftspeople, and spellcasters. She is exceptionally powerful in both spellcasting and in martial combat. She has an intelligent mind, but prefers to leave most of the day-to-day work to those she appoints. 

    Vaxara leads the army, and like Jene, she is adept at martial combat. She has less magical power, but makes up for that with a keen mind that she uses to crush her opponents strategically. Vaxara doesn't mind being in the shadow of her elder sister, however, she does get annoyed at the power Jene holds over her.

    The general foot soldiers of the army are mainly humans, however some disgraced angels and angels who want nothing to do with higher society serve as lieutenants or captains. The general infantry are all very well trained, and a small quantity of them are known as "disciples", who, having come into contact with angels, manifest the ability for fire, light, or both.

    The magic of the Rising Sun is like the sun itself: radiant and hot. Their magic is far amplified while daylight shines, so, the Rising Sun prefers to do battle in daylight when their magic is far more powerful than it would normally be. The Rising Sun deals with magics of light and fire. Their spellcasters create gigantic effects such as fireballs and summoning bursts of sunlight, while their warriors prefer less obvious effects, such as single target spears of fire and light. Some warriors have even found ways to enhance their physical prowess by using their magic. Renha, Nevia's granddaughter, is the leader of the spellcasters in Nemain. She resents Jene because she took her position at the head of the conquering force, but has put aside the resentment so they can work as well as possible together.

    Upon their territory of Nemain, the Rising Sun made a significant discovery. There were vast fields of many different kinds of strange, magical plants. Some angels, under control of Jene's niece, Artra, came up with a way to take magic from these plants and turn the raw magic into all sorts of things, including weapons and massive amounts of food.

    The Rising Sun has to taken a world in decades, so, they have devoted many of their resources to the capture of Nemain. They have never been opposed by large factions, however, they are prepared for war.

    (Sorry if this is way too long I kinda just word vomited)
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    The length of it is absolutely fine, more than that, it is appreciated! The better a faction is developed, the more we have to go on when making a case to include it.
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    Phew. I was worried I wrote way too much.
  • Speaking of...I'll get on writing some story soon...and maybe some extra lore cards...
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    Honestly, I don’t think that anyone has provided lore yet that would qualify as ‘too much’.

    I mean, @Derain2 and @Lujikul did sort of strain the bar a little, but it was all pure quality, so we didn’t stop them. Besides, those middle seasons were something else... (In a good way)

    Not that I don’t cherish the modern format of the show, otherwise I wouldn’t be running it, but S3 and S4 put emphasis on different aspects both from how it was in the beginning and from how we do things now. 

  • @spookoops thanks! Card design is something I've always loved but only recently started putting down to reference later. Happy you like the ideas. I have a tendency to add to many things to one card and I'm trying to reduce it to be sleeker design.
  • My entry:
                                      THE WOODS OF WENDIGO
    Kabibon The First Of Wendigo

    Kabibon once was a simple man who was lost in the forest. He's wandered through the darkest woods of his homelands. Powers of nature gave him a deal: Kabibon becomes a deathless spirit guard of nature, a wendigo on their language. As an exchange Kabibon gave Nature his soul. That's how he became The first Wendigo. (He's the leader)

    Magic : 
    Grim Rebirth

    That's necromancy.

    One of Kabibon's duties was to look after the cycle of life and death and make no living men disturb it. But Kabibon isn't 'living' right?

    Ärmy :
     Wendigo Trooper

    Kabibon thought it would be too hard to fulfill all his duties alone so he gives lost people the same deal, which was once given to him. That's how new wendigo appear.

    Bone Dreadnought

    Once wendigo killed enough trespassers of their woods, they've built giant ships out of their bones. Kabibon's strong magic makes dreadnoughts rebuildable from a single bone.  

    P.S trap creature - exile the target under this card. Whenever you may sacrifice a creature, you may put a trapped creature from under this card to its owner's graveyard,
  • Some more cards coming soon!

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    @RegalGorgon13 I know this is not relevant to you, but Wendigo cards in magic normally have the Yeti subtype. You are using the zombie deer interpretation rather than the ghostly demon cannibal yeti interpritation though.
  • @KorandAngels

    Ah, you seem to be talking about the elusive Wiitigo. Pardon me for saying, but I believe that's a completely different creature altogether, though no doubt wendigo-inspired.
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