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  • Mulligan matter card Text manipulation Fateseal: Bottom of the library is the new zone!? Mind game Yikes. So many blue cards.
  • Yeah, scores or feedback would be nice. Here are two more cards I'd like you to look.
  • @Mythril Can you post the card URL as well? Nice work by the way!
  • Introducing new card types can make some cards stronger, such as Tarmogoyf. Cards that don't go to your deck might be more realistic, like conspiracy cards or Plane cards.
    in New types Comment by Tomigon August 2
  • I just found that Bob Ross's art tutorial is incredibly calming.
  • @MozVCalenosu @Corwinnn We judge both sides because double faced card is one card. But we only look at one art. This is for not to make the chance to win artwork award doubled. So participants need to tell us which art they want us to look.
  • @Ranshi It does!
  • XD Let's see what your brother think about these.
  • If you were planning to submit two cards, we're so sorry. There were some miscommunication between me and Corwinnn. There will be no traditional or digital art category, and submission limit is one card per cardsmith as usual. Instead there will be …
  • @Scaccogaming I'm glad that Pegasheep inspired you because that's what I wanted to do! I'm not going to enter. I'm a judge.  @TerryTags Nice work!
  • @Scaccogaming Yeah, the difference between hornets and bees were important in this contest.  Hornet Queen is a famous card but flying in mono green is very rare, so I personally don't trust that card. I commented on your other submissions. Check th…
    in Beehive Comment by Tomigon July 6
  • Results are in! The winner is @Dechujoh64 with Rubeeno, Beehive Warrior!!! I love the idea that a warrior fighting with a beehive on his back! Abilities are flavorful, and the balance is good! Congrats! Here are honorable mentions: Mizz, Beeh…
    in Beehive Comment by Tomigon July 5
  • @Scaccogaming This is what's happening.. Weeks ago I got art commission from a girl who wants to give her boyfriend custom cards with my art. And I said I'll do it for free. But she said she wants to do something in return. So I asked her to buy pr…
    in Beehive Comment by Tomigon July 4
  • @Faiths_Guide Thanks! Yeah the subtypes should be changed. I usually try to finish art very quickly, otherwise I tend to add too many touches, and with my skills it only makes the picture messier.
  • I followed Faiths_Guide's advice and made an art! These are some pictures from the process. It's not that good but I thought it might help. Acrylic on paper. 1 hour.
  • Huge thanks to @Faiths_Guide for advice! Check out
  • April 2020 - The Fools of April Abound Featured Cardsmiths : strongbelieves and ArchieTaylor May 2020 - It's been NINE years already! Featured cardsmiths : ThatOneCat and foxman2 https://mtgca…
  • @Scaccogaming Sorry for the delay! I need to talk to the 2nd judge first, but she seems to be busy. She is sponsoring this contest so she needs to see the result and agree.
    in Beehive Comment by Tomigon June 30
  • @LordTachanka123 Thank you! Here are artists: Jarreau Wimberly  Tomigon Some feedback.. Tomigon, Masked Marauder  Wow, that's a lot of abilities haha. I like the idea of giving the emblem to yourself+dethrone. But other abilities seem a little b…
  • This contest is closed for judging
    in Beehive Comment by Tomigon June 28
  • @ThatOneCat Yes. un-cards are allowed. @CassZero Great work in the text box! Question. What does Duality do?
    in Beehive Comment by Tomigon June 25
  • @SNAPcreator7 I was expecting you to realize how weird things are.. but if that's what you want to see, move on.. You have to deal with these though: -Weird wording like "Counter target spell spell" -Can "Return target spell to its owner's hand" …
  • I think people don't like to call lands "spells"..
  • @Usaername It has to be "Beehive" XD No entry limit!
    in Beehive Comment by Tomigon June 23
  • @LordTachanka123 >"could you perhaps make some sort of guide/step/crud/system thingy for coming up with new keywords mechanics? " I think we need to be able to categorize what we want to make first. I copied the following texts from MTG Wiki: /…
  • @LordTachanka123 "Experience counters" is a real mechanic. It was only printed on mythic rare cards of commander sets.
  • Sorry everyone. I know I'm super late. I haven't been updating the tome for months.  There are some very interesting and cool mechanics I want to add to the tome, but I'll be honest, most of the mechanics in the encyclopedia, are not so good. I need…
  • @Fantastickill7 Thanks!  I basically like all cards that I made.. So I'll post my most popular card too. Here's the card that I recently favorited. The idea is very intriguing! https://mtgcards…