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  • Awesome entries guys! That said, I am closing this contest to other entries as of this point! Give me some time to work on judging this contest, the cards look amazing guys. I will post the results for you all as soon as I have them for you.🤘😊
  • Cool ideas in this contest. This won't be an easy one to judge, that's for sure. 🤔
  • @jpastor can the recreated card be older or does it have to be new? Is this like a reworking of the card or just a different take on the art?
  • @jpastor Here is my Shinen as my box request asked for. Hope you like it!
  • Fright is a new word to also include in the flavor text options guys so you know, @jpastor you are welcome. 🤘😁
  • The 3 favorites, could you favorite any card you legit think is half decent on my most recent page @jpastor? Lol thanks I'd like to request for another mystery box too if there is another box, thanks!
  • Did somebody say mosh pit?
  • @Castiel_Demiurge yep that counts as one card, very cool to see a double sided card. It fits nicely with traditional Innistrad cards, and with the new Innistrad set coming for vampires, this is a nice custom card that may work well with it.
  • @jpastor that card gave me legit chills lol nice!!
  • These cards are sick! As a reminder I wanted to see you guys use these words somehow in the flavor text: Dark Erie Halloween horror scary It will count in the judging, but all entries are allowed. Too many cool ones to count!
  • Sorry I'm a tad late to the party, I had no idea the circuit challenges are over. A certain squirrel may or may not have informed me. 😉 That said, definitely count me IN. I don't really like that we got divisions and that we got to choose them, I'm…
  • @jpastor here is my entry for my duel with @AboveAndAbout
  • Noice! Great start to this contest @feralitator!
  • The follow could you give my DerpNerd account a follow since you already follow the sorinjace account @jpastor? That'd be cool. It's nothing but joke derpy cards there for fun and ridiculousness lol. Ok and cool can't wait to see what you create!! I…
  • I'll create a new card for my duel with @AboveAndAbout 😊 they are a very good cardsmith!
  • @jpastor could you do the 14 random mystery prizes and for the 1 premium could you gift that to  @Dechujoh64 I don't think he's got a premium. I also am a bit rusty, but I just started a Halloween contest! It'd be cool to see you submit a card in it…
  • @jpastor I have close to my max in cards created so in order to create cards under sorinjace I have to pay premium or delete cards. Also, it cleared finally! So I should b good for awhile. So, I would like to request... A mystery box! 😁
  • @jpastor I'm still waiting for my premium to clear so I can start making cards about all I can do until then is make derp cards on my DerpNerd account...
  • @jpastor ok thanks! Also, thanks again for the subscribe to Exalted Marauder on YouTube. If you dig through the videos, sorinjace shoutouts part 1 and 2 are on there. You are mentioned I think in both tracks or at least the oldest track before the …
  • Hahaha I'll have to tell Jay your comment @Corwinnn. It's Jay's house our studio is located at, in the cooler half of the garage (a wall divides it). Thank you so much for the subscription @jpastor!! I'm going to make more effort to be on here. I mi…
  • Check out one of our newest songs, The Human Disease! It's a horror themed metaphor on people who act overboard crazy paranoid because of the corona virus. It's understandable to be afraid, but to take it to insanity like routes is a bit much. That'…
  • Exalted Marauder
  • I apologize for the long delay. Things have been hectic and crazy in life, and I am blessed to even be alive. Quite a few months have passed, and I am sorry for that. I lost my older birth brother and my sis in law (it was horrible, a murder/suicide…
  • Since the rules say it can be an old card, here is one that represents what I've been up to with my band lately. I hope this entry counts! If there is anything wrong with it I will pick another entry @jpastor.…
  • Holy moly am I late to the party. I have to get a premium on my account in order to make cards, so I guess I will have to find a black and green creature card I have already published. Nice to see the mystery box is thriving!!! One of the best discu…
  • can you imagine just how long it'd take to go through either my cards or @Faiths_Guide's cards? Mwahaha
  • @Tomigon is it too late so submit a challenge to the easter egg hunt?
  • I apologize for the long delay. Here is the next song, a folk song for cardsmith @ThePhantomJoker! (I designed it to work with Fynn from commander legends) Up next an odd but cool request f…
  • @Usaername idk if I mentioned you in this one again now I'm going to have to go back and relisten to my own song to see if I mentioned you again or not lol your name was one of the coolest styled ones of the original song the way my bandmate Chad sa…
  • @TheDukeOfPork yep! Several smiths got mentioned this time around, I wanted to try and get more smiths that wasn't in the original song and you was one of many. Beware! Haha lol. Just kiddin'. Hope you guys like the song.